Introducing new HTRF products

New products

Cisbio is excited to announce the launch of 15 new HTRF products

New Tag-lite reagents for exploration of Adenosine A1, A2B, A3 receptors:

  • Cell lines (A1, A2B, A3)
  • Plasmids (A1, A2B, A3)
  • Labeled ligands (A1, A2B, A3)
    A new cell line for stably expressing the ETB Receptor Fused to a SNAP-Tag

    3 innovative assays for the cellular detection of Retinoblastoma protein Rb non-phosphorylated and phosphorylated Ser780 and Ser807/811, joining the 120+ assays available for detecting phospho- and total proteins for oncology

    2 assays for the detection of human cytokines IL13 and IL22, increasing the available cytokine offering to 38 products

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