Happy New Year! New assays have arrived...

New products

We are very excited to announce the launch of new products from the combined PerkinElmer-Cisbio reagent portfolio.


Using the HTRF® technology:

4 assays for quantifying endogenous total & phospho-Tau phosphorylated on various serine or threonine sites. These 4 assays, added to the 2 existing ones, complete our HTRF offer in Tau detection.
Tau exists in different states in both Alzheimer’s (AD) and Parkinson’s (PD) Diseases.
Tau hyperphosphorylation is also a marker for multiple neurodegenerative diseases and CNS disorders.
Phospho-Tau (Ser356) cellular kit
Phospho-Tau (Ser422) cellular kit
Phospho-Tau (Thr181) cellular kit
Total Tau cellular Kit for monitoring the expression level of cellular Tau which can be used as a normalization assay for the phospho-Tau (Ser202/205; Ser356; Ser404; Ser422; Thr181) kits.

1 new test added to the 2 existing HTRF assays for detecting phospho-phospholamban
Phospho-phospholamban (Ser16) cellular kit

2 assays for the detection of cytokines: human IL-11 and mouse IFN-beta, increasing the available cytokine offering to 40 products,

2 binding kits to identify inhibitors of protein/protein interactions
Human TNFalpha/TNFReceptor1 binding kit
Human CD47/SIRP alpha biochemical binding kit

Using the AlphaLISA® Surefire® UltraTM technology:

Phospho-Rb (Ser807/811)
Phospho-Rb (Thr821/826)
Total Rb
Total STAT4
Total STAT6

Using the Alpha Surefire® UltraTM Multiplex technology:

Phospho-AMPKα1/2 (Thr172) + Total AMPKα1/2
Phospho-Cofilin (Ser3) + Total Cofilin
Phospho-PDGF Receptor β (Tyr751) + Total PDGF Receptor β

Using the AlphaLISA® technology:

PD1/PD-L2 (human)

Using the Alpha CETSA® technology:


For all the Alpha® products, please contact your local representatives or visit www.perkinelmer.com.

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