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Access to a range of assays & services for all your profiling needs

Compound profiling & after sales service support

The opportunity to outsource the profiling of compounds is within reach for any research organization thanks to PerkinElmer | Cisbio and our award winning technologies. Our assays give you access to a range of acclaimed services for all your profiling needs.

Compound profiling done by experts

Our Profiling and Screening Services allow us to run your material using biochemical and cellular assays selected from our catalog or designed by our assay development scientists, including compound profiling, biomarker detection and immunoassays, sample testing, and even pilot studies.

Profiling and Screening Options Include:

GPCR functional/binding

Immune checkpoint assays

Phosphoprotein detection

Cytokine secretion

FcR binding

Cell proliferation

Biochemical enzymatic assays

Profiling protein proteins interactions
profiling fragment FC
Profiling GPCR binding
Profiling phosphodiesterase assay

Because of the PerkinElmer | Cisbio’s legendary experience, our clients benefit from the expertise and resources of an international life science company with personalized service. We genuinely care about our clients, their projects, and above all, their success.

A turnaround speed you can rely on

Scientific discoveries cannot wait. Why should you? Virtually all our clients receive their data within 2 weeks of compound reception.

How can PerkinElmer | Cisbio deliver results more rapidly than other companies? It’s simple: our kits and reagents are always in stock, and our scientific teams pride themselves on their efficiency and flexibility.

A turnaround speed you can rely on

Unrivaled expertise

We have an unparalleled knowledge of the assays we use to test your compounds for a very simple reason: we created them. PerkinElmer | Cisbio only entrusts your compounds to its own portfolio of assays. Selecting PerkinElmer | Cisbio for your compound profiling needs guarantees that your compounds will be tested on assays which have passed our stringent quality control process.

Unrivaled expertise

Results you can trust

Evidence of successful testing is systematically provided in the form of a report.

Results you can trust
Results you can trust

Customer support

Do you have a question about your final report? Do you need to discuss what the numbers on the report mean? Automated phone systems infuriate you?

PerkinElmer | Cisbio guarantees a direct access to the scientist who tested your compounds.

Customer support

A straightforward and clear process

At PerkinElmer | Cisbio, we pride ourselves on our efficiency and quality of results.

To each its own dose response

The standard dose response is an 8-point serial dilution of the compound, done in triplicate. The serial dilution is traditionally performed using full logarithmic or half-logarithmic dilutions. If you wish to obtain a different dilution scheme, number of replicates, or number of points on the dose response, simply let our scientific team know your preferred experimental set-up.

We make screening easy
We make screening easy

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