AlphaLISA® technology Basics

From small molecules to live cells, the assay that measures it all​

AlphaLISA Assay Principle​

AlphaLISA is a bead-based, no-wash luminescent technology. When Alpha Donor and Acceptor beads are brought together through binding to the target, a cascade of chemical reactions is set in motion, creating an amplified signal. These versatile beads are conjugated with various biomolecules that enable the detection of unique biological events, offering maximum flexibility.

AlphaLISA assay principle


How AlphaLISA technology assays work​

An AlphaLISA assay is easy to run, and requires few steps:​

First add your analyte or sample to your microplate, then add acceptor beads and antibodies. Incubate 1 hour. Add donor beads and incubate 30-60 minutes. The interaction between bead-bound molecules and analyte brings the bead into proximity. Excite the donor beads with red light. A singlet oxygen is generated by the donor beads, which excites the acceptor beads and will emit light proportional to the level of interaction.

How AlphaLISA advances your science

Ease of use with no wash and no separation steps, fast results in 3 hours for most applications, high sensitivity to detect down to femtogram levels of targets, large dynamic range up to 4-5 logs, and a compatibility with many sample types definitely make Alpha an optimal choice when it comes to moving your research a step forward!​​

No washing required

No washing required

Broad sample compatibility

Broad sample compatibility

Small sample size

Small sample size

Wide detectable range

Wide detectable range



Choose the Alpha solution that’s right for you


When running large numbers of ELISA assays from the same sample or working with a difficult matrix, such as serum, or plasma

AlphaLISA® SureFire® Ultra

For studying pathways or phosphorylated proteins in whole cells, or studying endogenous receptors,


Perfect for studying fusion-tagged proteins or protein-protein interactions (PPIs)​

Alpha Toolbox

When your target doesn’t have an off-the-shelf quantitative ELISA assay, the toolbox gives you everything you need to create your own assay

AlphaLISA® SureFire® Ultra™ Multiplex

When looking to measure both phosphorylated and total proteins in the same sample

Alpha CETSA®

A novel method for measuring target engagement in cells​

Alpha technology expanding research possibilities​


Cell signaling

Protein-protein interactions



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